The Islamic Fatwa Board primarily provides services to the Muslim Community in Great Britain.  The Board receives many enquiries regarding social, family and matrimonial issues and gives Islamic opinion and guidelines on the basis of discussions and consultations made in this respect at its meetings.  We have twenty-one Ulema, Imams, Muslim Scholars, and Barristers on the Council representing various schools of Fiqh in Great Britain.

The Board is also approached by institutions, organizations and individuals from diverse spectrum of ethnicity and faiths seeking expert opinions in accordance to Islamic Law on social, theological, cultural, political and academic issues.  Solicitors and other legal bodies and authorities also approach the Board for guidelines on cases relating to Muslim families.

Since its establishment, the Board has successfully developed a structured mechanism as a complimentary body offering services for dispute resolutions. The Board, up until now, has received over 3,000 cases of dispute among Muslim families.  These cases were investigated, deliberated and then adjudicated successfully.

The Board receives enquiries which are inadvertently answered in accordance to the Shari’ah.  Some of the queries are referred to the Board from other European countries where no such Islamic Board is available to help the Muslim Community.